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The Company DM Laser-Fab was born out of our original Company DM Dust Control. Although the name has changed DM Laser-Fab is still heavily involved in the design, manufacture and installation of quality dust and fume extraction systems.

A dust or fume collection system is an air quality improvement system used in industrial, commercial, and home production shops to improve breathable air quality and safety by removing particulate matter from the air and environment. Our Dust collection systems work on the basic formula of CAPTURE, CONVEY and COLLECT:

First the dust must be CAPTURED. This is done by employing devices such as fabricated capture hoods to catch the dust and fumes at the source of origin. Many times, the machine producing the dust will have an integral port to which a duct can be directly attached.

Second, the dust must be CONVEYED. This is done via a ducting system properly sized and manifold to maintain a consistent minimum air velocity required to keep the dust in suspension for conveyance to the collection device.

Finally, the dust is COLLECTED. This is done via a variety of means, depending on the application and the dust being handled. It can be as simple as a basic pass-through filter, a cyclonic separator, or an impingement baffle. It can also be as complex as an electrostatic precipitator, or a multistage baghouse.

One of our proudest achievements to date remains the supply of a huge all stainless steel high tech smoke extract system for the University of Ulster Fire Research Facility.

BBC News - Fire research facility uuj




The Health and Safety executive for Northern Ireland insists on regular testing of dust and fume extract systems. DM Laser-Fab is one of the companies recommended by the HSENI for the completion of Local Exhaust Ventilation tests and reports.

The Local Exhaust Ventilation test is designed to determine the efficacy of a fume or dust extraction system. It relies on particular instruments to seek out hidden failures or pitfalls within the system and inlet points, plus the engineers experience to identify physical design flaws, defects and maintenance issues that might affect the performance of an LEV system.

Upon completion of onsite testing a report is produced that contains the findings of the test, and where applicable any recommended action that is required to make a system conform. The report is written in strict accordance to regulation guidance

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